Grace Naturals was created after a missions trip to Ghana, West Africa, out of a need to attempt to replenish and restore the body to its natural balance. Soon after, Jennie D’s Beads was born, followed by Grace Naturals, which was created by my mother and I. My mother has since passed away, but her legacy and desire lives, by fulfilling the need to see people healthy and whole by using what God has created.

We pride ourselves with being able to offer 100% natural products that are tested, by a team of doctors, scientists, and herbalists, before being released for sale, to ensure that there are no additives or fillers. The products are also certified and registered by the Food and Drug Board.

Moringa contains an extraordinary wide variety of nutritional properties and compounds such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, and Protein.

It also may help with the following:
-Supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.
-Promoting normal blood glucose levels.
-Neutralizing free radicals thereby reducing oxidative damage.
-Providing excellent support for the body's anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
-Take care of the body's immune system.
-Increasing natural defenses of the body.
-Promoting the normal function of the liver and kidney.
-Promoting proper digestion.
-Promoting natural serum cholesterol.
-Acting as an antioxidant.
-Beautifying the skin.
-Promoting bowel regulation


Fatless Weight Loss Capsules
$20.00 | 40 Count African Mango
Moringa Powder 100% No Fillers
$15.00 | 70 Gram Bottle
Moringa Capsules 100% No Fillers
$12.50 | 30 Capsules

Moringa Capsules 100% No Fillers
$22.50 | 150 Capsules
Joy Ointment 100% Natural
$5.00 | Rashes, Eczema, Pimples
and Yeast Infections

Pure Shea Butter
$3.50 | 2 oz. White or Yellow

Pure Shea Butter
$5.00 | 4 oz. White or Yellow
Pure Shea Butter
$8.00 | 8 oz. White or Yellow
Funbact-A Cream
$7.00 | Antifungal, Antibacterial,
and Anti-Inflammatory Cream


Pure Shea Butter Soap
$7.00 | 8 oz. Silky Smooth Lather
Pure Shea Butter Soap Bar
$3.00 | Silky Smooth Lather
Moringa X (men only)
$35.00 | Eliminate Waist Pains, Boost Erection Functions

Rheubalm-J Ointment
$5.00 | Joint & Muscular Pain

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